1. Check-In at least one (1) hour before departure to purchase tickets or send cargo.
    2. Each passenger is required to present a legal identification document and to carry it at all times. (ID Card, Passport, License, Birth Certificate, etc.)
    3. Passengers younger than 18 years of age traveling without their parents must present a document authorizing the journey signed by parents or legal guardians. (Document must include ID and telephone numbers of all those involved.)
    4. Utila Dream reserves its right to reject passengers that show signs of being under the influence of drugs or that pose a threat to other passengers, crew or the vessel.




    1. Adult passengers and children over the age of 11 pay full ticket rate.
    2. Hondurans or Honduran Residents over the age of 60 are entitled to a 25% discount.
    3. Kids ages 5 to 10 pay 50% of the normal rate, does not apply during promotions.
    4. Kids under 5 years of age travel free.
    5. No Refunds or exchanges, all sales are final.
    6. Only date or route changes are allowed within a year after purchase, and a $2.00 processing fee will be charged.
    7. Utila Dream’s primary responsibility is to its clients and crew on board. Utila Dream reserves the right to cancel, delay, or deviate trips if weather conditions, or external or internal factors pose a threat to anyone’s safety or the vessel’s well being without being considered an infringement of service, or being liable to any financial damages.




    1. Each ticketed passenger is allowed two (2) checked bags, with a maximum weight of 50 pounds each. Checked bags may be subject to additional fees for overweight or oversize.
    2. Each ticketed passenger is allowed one (1) small carry-on. Size restriction: 9 inches X 17 inches X 10 inches.
    3. Additional baggage will be ticketed as cargo.
    4. Utila Dream offers cargo services 7 days a week, ideal for time-sensitive shipments. Cargo must be handled and ticketed at terminal an hour prior to departure. If not, cargo faces the possibility of being sent until the next available trip.
    5. Cargo is shipped based on delivered time, space availability and ready for pick-up upon arrival.
    6. Cargo will be billed by item set prices or by determining the cargo’s actual weight and its dimensional weight, the greater of the two will be the billable weight and used to calculate the rate.
    7. Utila Dream does not take liability for perishable and fragile items with reason that vessel trips may experience uncontrollable rough seas. Customers must sign waiver accepting all liability for fragile and perishable cargo.
    8. Cargo will be deemed unclaimed/abandoned if it has not been picked-up 10 days after being shipped,  and no further disposition instructions have been received. Utila Dream may dispose-of or sell by public or private sale or discard in a landfill or dumpsite any unclaimed/abandoned cargo at its sole discretion. Perishable goods will be disposed 48 hours after reaching its final terminal.
    9. Weapons of any kind are banned from Utila Dream facilities. For the transportation of weapons they must be turned in to Utila Dream as cargo. Owners of guns must be traveling with, and only registered guns are accepted.
    10. Transportation of illegal merchandise is not allowed.
    11. Transportation of domesticated animals is allowed. They must be in cages adequate for their size.
    Policies & Rates
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